tkmFIT provides elite Individual, Private Group (2-4ppl) and Specialized Group Personal Training, using customized systems that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and organization. Within a fully-equipped, small gym setting, tkmFIT provides clients with expert instruction, nutritional guidance, support, accountability and results.


tkmFIT provides a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, which includes management of clients’ nutritional intake. tkmFIT will work with clients to review their current eating behaviors and patterns, and teach clients how to make better nutritional decisions. In addition, tkmFIT will provide recommended food choices and meal preparation techniques based on the clients’ goals, dietary preferences and lifestyle.


tkmFIT understands that when it comes to health and fitness, working out is only part of the equation. tkmFIT offers advisement, guidance support related to self-care, maintaining healthy eating habits, balancing life and health, practical meal preparation and maintaining daily physical fitness.


In addition to Personal Training, tkmFIT offers (2) types of Performance Recovery Services. tkmFIT offers Air Relax Compression Sleeves and Hypervolt Vibration Massage. Whether you are doing a heavy amount of physical training, competing in an athletic event or just need to take better care of your body, these recovery services are great for improving circulation, relieving muscle tightness, increasing flexibility and alleviating stiffness.


Customized Fitness Systems

Support & Accountability

1-0n-1, Private Group & Specialized Group Training

Strength & Conditioning

Health Enhancement

Toning & Muscle Development

Increased Athletic Performance

Nutritional Guidance

Performance Recovery Therapy

Guaranteed Results